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Contrary to popular belief, pool maintenance is not that hard. And if you’ve learned anything about me from my previous posts, I try never to do anything the hard way. Life is too short to be cleaning your pool by hand. You should be enjoying it! (That is, enjoy life, and your pool!)

Robotic cleaners, automatic machines that are made for a more efficient pool cleaning, are among the best innovations of technology to date. Pool owners no longer have to worry about maintaining the cleanliness of their pools – regardless of the size.

Why do you need to buy one? Here are 8 key reasons that may just convince you to purchase one for your pool.

1. It gives you more time to do more important things.

Technology gives you more efficient ways to do things, and automated cleaners are made to alleviate manual cleaning, particularly on residential properties. It does not make sense to spend the whole day scrubbing your pool floor, so might as well have a machine do it for you. You can spend your precious time doing other things for recreation or leisure.

2. It’s cost-efficient.

Instead of hiring someone to clean your pool or using a more labor-intensive machine, a pool cleaner is the best option for the budget conscious pool owner. It is a one-time investment, meaning it will be beneficial in the long run. It also requires minimal maintenance.

3. It’s energy-efficient.

Most automated cleaners in the market have a built-in function that automatically turns off after a period of time. This means that it lets you save on energy, right after finishing its job.

4. You no longer have to worry about debris and sediments.

Pulling debris and sediments out of your pool can be taxing. With a pool cleaner, you can do this job more easily and efficiently. Pool cleaners have a suction tool, which seeps away even the smallest debris lying on your pool floor. Some also have a scrub function that can wipe out bacteria and algae.

5. It requires lower maintenance costs.

Thinking on how to cut down utility expenses? Whether it is for a commercial establishment or a residential pool, pool cleaners are the best way to lessen expenses involved when it comes to maintenance. Imagine leaving the machine to do all the cleaning every once in a while. It helps maintain your pool without causing you to spend too much on maintenance.

6. It protects your pool floor.

Some floorings tend to wear out easily if left unkempt; hence, proper maintenance is important. Consistent cleaning helps maintain the proper alkalinity, pH levels and calcium hardness.

7. It can clean even the remote corners of your pool.

Some corners and pool walls need utmost care, and pool cleaners can provide you this service. They have bristles and suction that are capable of reaching even those areas in your pool that are quite difficult to reach.

8. It protects pool users from contamination.

If you want to protect the welfare of your family, or pool uses of your spa, public pool or swim center, pool cleaners are the optimal choice. It even prevents the possibility of users slipping due to accumulating algae and molds on the floor.

When choosing the one to buy, there are certain factors to consider like the kind of model and of course, its price.

There are three general types of pool cleaners in the market. The Suction-side type works like a vacuum, and typically the most basic, cheapest and pretty straightforward to use. The pressure-side type utilizes pressure from the water to create a suction function and move the cleaner around the pool. Robotic cleaner, the most advanced type, is the most advanced, and also the most expensive one in the market. It operates alone, outside of your pool filter and pump. It works faster and more efficiently than the two earlier models.

Choose the best one for your pool, ensuring that it bears the right functions and the most suitable features.

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