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If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about installing a pool. Sure, it might seem like an expensive proposition, but can you just imagine your very own backyard oasis? I mean, why bother going on vacation when you can take a vacation in the comfort of your own home, every single day! No expensive hotels or restaurants – you can avoid the tourist trap, kick back and relax in your own backyard. Why not fire up the barbecue, turn on the tunes and invite a few friends around?

There are so many benefits to owning a pool

As I mentioned last week, I’ve pretty much had a pool my entire life. Speaking from experience, there are many benefits to owning a pool:

1. It’s Loads Of Fun

There’s something about making a big splash that never fails to put a smile on your face! Splashing each other, playing “Marco Polo”, making a whirlpool, and playing pool volleyball are just some of the activities that spring to mind when I think of the pool we had as my kids grew up. Not to mention, our evening pool parties were the social events of the entire neighbourhood. The possibilities are endless!

2. It Brings The Family Together

From a young age, we played with our kids in the pool. Not only was it a bonding experience, but it taught the kids water safety and how to be confident while swimming. These are invaluable life lessons for children, and I’m sure they didn’t even know they were learning them. They simply remember mom and dad participating in their games with them. These memories are pretty invaluable as well, I would say…

3. It Helps You Get Fit

Whether you realise it or not, moving around in the pool is a form of resistance training. You don’t need to go to the hot, sweaty gym, and get hot and sweaty throwing weights around. Simply walk back and forth in the pool for awhile, and you’ll get that heart pumping. If you’re so inclined, of course you can also swim laps – swimming is a great, low-impact exercise – but any kind of movement in the pool is beneficial.

4. It Adds Value

Owning a pool immediately adds value to your home. When someone buys a new home, of course they could install a pool themselves, but the fact that there is already one installed and in working order adds more value than the cost of a new installation. Installing your own pool creates equity in your property and makes your home more desirable on the market. Why you’d ever want to move, though, I’m not sure!

Owning a pool can change your life. As I mentioned, sure – it does cost a bit up front, but you make it back in equity and the money saved by not having to travel to a beach or pool elsewhere. There’s really no excuse – go get one! 🙂

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