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Pool covers are fairly handy equipment to have any time, in any part of the world. One of the important use is keeping your pool safe and free from debris of summer weathering trees, dust and evaporation of pool water.

Pros of using pool covers

  1. During summer and hot season of the year, pools tend to dry much faster from the direct sunlight. Covers help in reducing the evaporation rate of water and thus reduces the cost of adding pool water.
  2. They keep your pool clean though not 100% (You can visit My Dolphin to keep the rest of it clean) but they maintain a clean view from tree leaves and other debris. This reduces the chance of water contamination and pollution, free from bad smell and a breeding site for insects.
  3. Solar pool covers offer an addition cool to the pool and thus when the temperatures are high it offers a cool feel. This keeps you cool and the pleasure of using the pool at any time of the day.
  4. It provides a shade for you and other swimmers or users of the pool. It shields you from the direct rays of the sun and offers a cool breeze.
  5. It gives you a temporary way of offering a protective gear to the pool in terms of wearing and tearing. Being outdoors, the pool is exposed to wet and hot weather that makes the pool to fade fast.
  6. It can be used for all seasons, it doesn’t matter when, thus becoming a cost effective equipment to use for your pool. it is a luxury consideration for both wet and hot seasons. During hot weather it shields extreme sun effects and in cold times it prevents the water being as cold.


Cons of using pool covers 

  1. This is an additional expense to your investment considering the cover may not just be on the low level, thus it would require structures to hold the cover. The cover types, manual or automatic, they all require a heavy investment to set up and install.
  2. You will need to make sure that the whole pool is covered and secured. Otherwise wind would get and destroy it with ease if blowing it up.
  3. It is not a durable type of investment to rely on as changes of weather in extreme, make it weak with time and eventually wearing off.
  4. It indeed could require you to have an additional workforce to keep the covers clean to avoid dirt from above getting into the pool.

Pool covers have a protective measure to even the users and also reduces the pollution rate of water. It is an investment worth taking and shielding of in times of high and hot seasons. It adds the beauty of the view and in business, it gives one a competitive edge over other open pools.

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