When you’re by the pool in Summer, a go to meal is lamb shanks on the BBQ. But what is the best lamb? Lamb is a highly personal choice. Many individuals believe that New Zealand or Australian lamb is the greatest, while others believe that there is no lamb other than American lamb and are ready to pay a premium for it. Lamb from each location has distinct qualities such as flavour, size, and price. So, what are the distinctions?

Australian Lamb:

“Aussie” lamb has become a popular item in recent years. It has been crossbred with American lamb in order to produce a bigger, more consistent product. Not long ago, Aussie lamb was highly despised. The lambs were grown largely for their wool, with meat serving as a byproduct. This resulted in a very variable output in terms of size and quality.


Today, Aussie lamb is produced to a specified size and weight for consumption, resulting in a high-quality product that is less expensive than American domestic lamb. It is medium in size and most closely resembles the American lamb.

Need some Aussie Lamb suggestions?

We’ve tried lots of lamb varieties and cuts as well as many different types of meats from different locations. But one of our favourite lamb choices of late is a cut of lamb from Australian Lamb Co. They are responsible for some of the most delicious lamb production in Australia and when it comes to quality and taste, I can’t go past an Ambassador Lamb. When you ask what is the best lamb in the world, the answer is Aussie Lamb from Australian Lamb Co.

New Zealand Lamb:

Lamb has long been raised in New Zealand for the wool industry. This breed has a tiny size and is thought to be of lower quality than American and Australian lamb. As a result, it is also the least priced lamb. This product is popular among clients because to its low cost and constant size. When compared to American and Australian lamb, the pricing is reasonable.

American Lamb:

American lamb is simply lamb that has been reared in the United States. The majority of high-quality American lamb originates from Colorado and the Midwest and is grain-fed. This breed is the biggest in size and, according to many, has the finest quality and consistency.

Because American lamb is fed grain, it tastes less “gamey” than foreign lamb, which is often grass fed. It’s also the most costly option. The availability and size of American lamb are highly dependent on market conditions. Because lamb farming is a tiny sector in the United States, supply and demand is a key concern.

Popular Lamb Cuts: 

Lamb is available in three distinct cuts: “Primal,” “Sub-Primal,” and “Portion Control.” The majority of clients opt for “Sub-Primal” or “Portion Control.” Lamb, unlike beef, is portioned as “Chops” rather than “Steaks.”


Popular Bone-In Primal Cuts: Leg, Loin, Hotel Rack, Shoulder, Saddle


Rack Split Chine Off, Loin Boneless Trimmed, Leg Boneless, Shank, Shoulder Boneless are all popular Sub Primal cuts.


Lamb Rack, Frenched, Lamb Rib Chop, Frenched, Lamb Loin Chop, Lamb Shoulder Chops, Lamb Leg, Frenched Carving are popular portion control cuts.


So, which is the best lamb: American, Australian, or New Zealand? Depending on your individual requirements, you may need to use all of them. Try them out and make your own decision! Or if you can’t decide, go with our suggestion and try an Australian Lamb Co lamb like the traditional and hearty Ambassador Lamb.